Monday, April 27, 2009

NOOD Day 3

From 2009 NOOD

The third day of the NOOD started with very light winds.  The RC delayed the start for a bit until the wind filled in and we could make headway against the current.  

We had a decent start, but chose the wrong side of the course for the first leg.  With a nice set and some fast downwind sailing we were in 3rd.  For a bit I though we were gaining on Laughing Gull and Argo as they seemed of have sailed into a lull, but a short time later, things seemed reversed as we went through a lull and they had wind.

On the final leg, we chose the right side of the course and coming into the finish we felt good about catchin Laughing Gull.  However, a 20+ degree header blew that away and we finished in 3rd.

The crew work was great.  Garrett, Ray, Glen and David did great work out there.  We had 2 sets and 2 douses and little room for error.  They did an excellent job even in the abscence of our esteemed foredeckman, Mr. Whaley.  

I think I have some things to focus on in terms of keeping in the puffs downwind  (pressure is king!), but overall our boat speed was good.  This one was a little of "you win some, you lose some" when it comes to the course choices you make.

I hope everyone had a great time out there.  It was tons of fun!  Hats off to Argo and Andante.  They did some great racing.  I look forward to the continuing battle for High Point!

Results are here.  

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Glen said...

Note to self: Don't choose the wrong side of the course. And when you do, don't get pinned there by another boat.

Easy. :)