Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Wednesday Night Race 1,200 Times Faster Than Normal

We LOVE Brian Palmer. He's a great guy and all that, but he's also a camera geek! That means we have cool shots from the top of the mast. We have cool shots like the famed crab riding a jellyfish. (We're still not sure how he got that shot.)

Last Wednesday, Brian taped a video camera to the end of our boom and recorded the race. Sped up 1,200 times faster than normal it's a fascinating watch.

LinGin at warp speed

One cool thing to notice is that after the start, David takes the helm. He's done that a bunch this summer and I couldn't be prouder of him! Here was my brother, Andy's, comment:

Also, great to see Dave driving most of the time... although Tim seems bored - not sure you guys need him anymore?

The truth kinda hurts! :P

Why We Do Wednesday Night Races

There are lots of great things about doing the WNR. We build some great relationships and have a lot of laughs. We love being competitive and challenging ourselves to do our best.

However, the reason I do the WNR is to see my kids having the time of their lives. An example:

LinGin does some shark fishing :)

Those kids were having the time of their lives on the way home from the race. It started with the three of them sitting on the boom going downwind on the way home. David decided it would be cool to jump off the boom into the water and grab the mainsheet in the process. It worked like a charm and the girls followed.

The rest of us on the crew couldn't stop laughing. That was such a blast and that's why I do WNR and always will!