Saturday, April 25, 2009

NOOD Day 2

From 2009 NOOD

The weather was amazing today.  There was a nice breeze out of the south and by the afternoon a ripping current that was pushing all the classes over the starting line early.  After being over early on 2 out of the 3 races yesterday, I was bound and determined to not be called OCS (On Course Side).   

I'm happy to say that our focus paid off.  We had three solid starts (no OCSs) and the crew work today was amazing.  Hats off to Glen, Ray and Scott.  The race committee gave us really short courses--1/2 mile legs.  Each race was fast and furious!

We chalked up 3 bullets today!  TC Williams wrapped it up and by our calculations could stay home tomorrow and still walk away with 1st.  We're separated from Andante by 3 points, so tomorrow we still have a shot at 2nd.  

What made the difference?  I think the lighter air helped; we've been faster than Argo in light air.  The other is that I jumped in the 53° water and scrubbed the bottom early this morning.  Not too much scum on it, but there was a little and I think it made a difference.

The results are posted here.

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Scott said...

Yeh for our three good starts. And double yea for our three good finishes. Sailing is fun even when you don't win but three "guns" in one day is hard to beat.