Thursday, March 15, 2007

LinGin: Changes Below...

As most of you know, LinGin's icebox has been more like a "meltbox" than anything else over the past years. You put ice in it and voila! You'll have water in no time. Not too good for things like turkey sandwiches.

The newer Albergs don't have our icebox configuration. Theirs is a "navigation table" with an insulated compartment underneath that is the icebox. It's a nice design as it gives more table space down below and opens things up quite a bit.

Towney graciously offered to help me with the conversion; I don't have the guts to do this level of work myself. Last weekend we removed the old and came up with a strategy for the replacement.

You'll notice how Grandpa cut into the old icebox area when he repowered LinGin with the diesel engine. I'll put more entries up as the project progresses. Cool stuff!


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