Friday, April 24, 2009

NOOD Day 1

Today we had beautiful weather.  The windy was 5-15 kts from the south.  The racing, however, was tough for LinGin.  We're a little rusty, though, and it showed.

I was over early on two of three starts.  We had some tough tacks.  To top it off, when we were in a foot race with Andrew Cole (Andante, 152) or TC Williams (Argo, 247) we could not keep up with them.  It was tough.

The good thing was that we had some great spinnaker sets and excellent mark roundings.  Our last start was the our best.  We had some good laughs and a nice time catching up.

Find the results here.

You'll notice we didn't make the last race.  Darcy's lax team, which I coach, had a 6PM game which I couldn't move or get out of.  (Don't even get me started talking about the county on this...)  So when they started the 4th race after 4PM with a finish down the Bay, there was nothing we could do but turn around and head home.

Here's to a better day tomorrow!

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