Friday, July 29, 2005

WNR - Series III - Race 1

Crew: Brian P., Scott, and Glen
Competitors: N/A

The weather reports were typical enough: evening thunderstorms. However, when we rounded the spider bouy at 1800, and only saw 4 boats, we knew something was up. Turning on the weather radio, we heard, "t-storms moving at 35 MPH, 60 MPH gusts, and penny-sized hail..". Hmm...I wonder if they cancelled the race?!

We could see the sky darkening, but there was time, so we set the spinnaker and ambled back to Whitehall without the noise of an engine. Just as we came around the point to Mom's pier, the storm hit, and did it hit! We saw a crazy osprey try to fly in microbursts which was amusing. The storm snapped trees, and knocked out the power basically in all of 21401!

We lit candles and ate our sandwiches while watching the storm. Mom didn't get her power back Thursday around 1800!

Here's to better luck next week.


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