Monday, July 01, 2013

The Slow and Stormy Osius Race

LinGin raced in the Ted Osius Memorial regatta this Sunday.  Glen, Garrett, Vlado and I had quite an enjoyable afternoon on the boat.  In the middle of the second time around the windward-leeward course, a strong thunderstorm motored through the race course.  Lots of rain and sporadic lightning, but thankfully no strikes too close.

It was a very frustrating race.  Argo led the whole race, with Windswept not far behind them.  We were in 3rd fight hard to keep in front of Second-2-Nun.  LinGin has had a disturbing lack of speed the last few races.  Glen, the crew and I are dumbfounded as to what the issue is.  We'll keep trying different things, but right now, it's all about making good tactical calls; we can't rely on boat speed for the win these days.

Once back at the dock, we started the repair to our backstay.  Glen climbed in the lazarette and started grinding away.  Hot, dusty work.  Thanks, Glen!

I'll be starting some fiberglass work during this bye week for the Wednesday Night Races.

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