Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Longest PSA Overnight Race Makes for Great Racing

Many years, the PSA Overnight could have been called the PSA Late Evening race.  Not this year, though.  We finished around 0540 and I can't remember finishing after 0200...and I've been doing this race for 25 years!

Although the race was long, Glen, Tim and I had a great time on the water.  The race had a little something for everybody.  We saw the wind completely die for long stretches numerous times.  At one point the GPS said we'd finish in 2 days.  We saw the current take over the wind.  We actually anchored twice while trying to round Pools Island Light.  We saw the wind come out of the north, the west and finally the south.  

And we traded places with Windswept and Argo at least twice during the race!  I meant first, second and third place.  At times it was painful.  Argo and Windswept passed us to leeward on a 7 mile reach.  A few times it was tense.  We overtook Windswept in a little downwind duel as the night obscured everything.  It was very beautiful.  Great sunset with beautiful stars and a wonderful dawn.  Fantastic!

In the end, we overtook both Windswept and Argo on the last leg to take the gun at Baltimore Light.  Great times with great friends!

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