Thursday, August 20, 2009

LinGin's WNR Streak Ends

Well, we knew it couldn't last forever. LinGin's WNR streak ended on Wednesday, August 12th, as we came in fourth. Nine guns in a row ain't bad, though!

We had a good race and lead all the way to the harbor. We missed Scott as we needed some quick spinnaker work coming into the harbor and while Garrett did a great job (zero errors!) if we had been able to get it done more quickly, we might have be able to hold off the competition.

While we were navigating the moored boats, the wind died and Argo, Second-2-Nun and L'Esprit snuck in along the Chart House side of the course. We only beat out Laughing Gull by about a third of a boat length too!

Brian Palmer and L'Esprit took the gun. Great job guys! We look forward to continuing to tangle with you.

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