Thursday, August 20, 2009

LinGin Crew Switches Up Positions

One thing I think we need to do on LinGin is to trade spots. Having me run tactics, or help with tacking brings new ideas and views of the boat. Letting others try out new positions helps us learn not only new jobs, but also gives us a new appreciation how the jobs fit together. It also creates backups for when people are out.

Last night we switched things up and Glen drove. Tim P. and Jake did a lot of learning--they're pretty new to the boat. I did some tactics and David continued to handle the main. Scott enjoyed every second of his foredeck role.

We had a less than stellar start, but made out pretty well going up the windward leg. In second and chasing down Laughing Gull on the downwind leg, Glen found a huge hole at the red nun as we rounded next to them and drove over them on the rounding. (Wide then tight really works!)

From there we were on pins and needles coming into the harbor in light air. Everyone worked together to keep LinGin going fast and we crossed in first.

Nice job, crew! Great driving, Glen.

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