Thursday, August 02, 2007

WNR Series 3 Starts Off...and Loses Gas

We had a lovely evening last night with warm light breezes and lots of sun. The wind was out of the north, allowing us to set the chute shortly after the start. We beat Towney at the start, but with light, spotty breeze he made it around us. Thankfully, we were able to return the favor shortly thereafter. Argo found her own wind along the northern side of the Severn and rounded the mark in first, ahead of us by barely a boat length.

We passed Argo on the beat coming back in toward the city. We narrowly crossed Towney and almost hit one of the green cans, but still managed to round the red nun in first. Doing our best to fend off Towney and keeping a sharp eye on Argo, we set the spinnaker and made for the harbor. The Towney wind machine kicked in and he found his own air in front of the Academy.

In front of the Chart House, we were able to make a move to windward and pull up along side of Towney, but just as we were neck-and-neck, the time limit ran out. Bummer, because I think we had a good shot at taking them if we had another 10 minutes!

Great crew work everyone. Please welcome Wallace, Emily's friend that joined us last night.

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