Wednesday, August 29, 2007

WNR Series 3 Race 5: No Wind

Unfortunately, tonight started out with light winds and developed into no wind. At approximately 1945 the Race Committee abandoned the race.

We had a poor start, as I was on the line early with a little speed. I didn't want to drop back behind the line only to loose speed and have to come back up underneath another boat, so I pushed the line. I was hoping others were too far back from the line and there would be enough space for me to squeeze in ahead of them. Wrong tactic. We were OCS (On Course Side) and had to duck back down to start again.

With the light winds we did well and spent most the race to the first mark trying to catch Towney. Near the end we hit a big power boat wake, spun out, and saw Argo truck ahead. Shortly thereafter, the race was called. Towney was the only Alberg to make it around the first mark.

I've been thinking that we should keep track of how we do in different wind conditions. My sense is that we have our most trouble keeping up (speed) with other A30s in mid to heavy wind. We seem to be pretty fast in light air. Perhaps we are either set up more for light air, or our sails are better suited for it. Something to think about.

Next week is the last WNR of the year. Let's hope we have some wind!

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