Thursday, August 18, 2005

WNR - Series III - Race 3

Crew: Scott, Mark, Glen, Brian P., Andréa and David
Competitors: 247, 550, 484

On the way out, and based on the Way-Cool Wind Site, one had to question whether a race would be had. It was calm, calm, calm. It was wakeboard, go-home-and-ski calm.

However, God saw fit to provide a bit of breeze, and by the time of our start, we were in good shape. We had originally figured we should head right to catch some shore breeze. By the time we were up near the line, we found ourselves concerned that with only 2:50 to go, we might not have time to spin LinGin around and get back on the line. So, sticking with the idea that clear air and speed will win the night more than position on the line, we meandered down the line, and started with speed (if you could call it that) and clear air, but clearly heading left.

247 followed us, and Towney went right (what a surprise!) . We played the shifts until we hit the port layline, and then were pretty much forced back to the right. In retrospect, I think we should have tacked sooner just to keep from getting stuck left. The 30° shifts didn't help us either.

At the windward mark, Towney and Harry (484) had us by a bit. So we knuckled down, raised the chute and set out sites on Towney. We passed Harry pretty easily with Scott playing the shifts very well, and getting our pole way down due to the light air. Neither Harry, nor Towney got theirs down. We pursued Towney all the way to the red nun, and by the mark were only 1.5 boat lengths behind. (Great work Scott!)

Then Brian, Mark and I worked the reach in. Mark and Brian were constantly adjusting the sails, and working as a team, we were able to walk right over Towney. It was a pretty incredible move, as Towney is very good in light air.

We held the lead all the way to the end, which unfortunately came before we finished: 50 yards from the finish, the time limit expired. Ugh.

That's what we call a great moral victory. Excellent work everyone!!!


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