Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Wednesday Night Race 1,200 Times Faster Than Normal

We LOVE Brian Palmer. He's a great guy and all that, but he's also a camera geek! That means we have cool shots from the top of the mast. We have cool shots like the famed crab riding a jellyfish. (We're still not sure how he got that shot.)

Last Wednesday, Brian taped a video camera to the end of our boom and recorded the race. Sped up 1,200 times faster than normal it's a fascinating watch.

LinGin at warp speed

One cool thing to notice is that after the start, David takes the helm. He's done that a bunch this summer and I couldn't be prouder of him! Here was my brother, Andy's, comment:

Also, great to see Dave driving most of the time... although Tim seems bored - not sure you guys need him anymore?

The truth kinda hurts! :P

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Glen said...

haha, we'll always need you. It's a team effort and you're the glue.