Friday, April 29, 2011

WNR Race 1

The first Wednesday Night Race of 2011 saw high winds as a storm edged by to the west of the course. We had a nice start; AYC has given the Alberg class its own start this year, so the line is not crowded. The A1 course was quick and the wind was high enough that despite all of Garrett's work setting up the chute, we couldn't fly it.

Calliope passed us going into the harbor to take the lead and looked poised to take 1st right at the finish. With the wind coming out of the Spa Creek bridge, we pinched to stay above the moored boats. Calliope stayed with full power, sailing low and fast, but into the moored boats. When she had to tack onto starboard at the docks, we ducked her, but the extra tack she had to take to get to the finish line cost her the race.

Nice work crew!

Once back at the dock, Nick used his grinder to remove the broken turning block that's been stuck on the boat for a year. Check out this night picture.

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