Thursday, June 04, 2009

Wednesday Night Races: No. 6

Last night the WNR was canceled again. (I hope this isn't a trend.) This time we were short on wind and there was a thunderstorm approaching.

We headed back and did some more boat work which was fun. Thanks to everyone for helping out. Special thanks to Tim Peek, for sticking around and doing boat work on his first night out on LinGin!

According to my records, that seals LinGin's 1st for the first WNR Series of 2009! (The WNRs are grouped into three series each year.) Very cool. Thanks to everyone for all your hard work. I've had a blast.

Division: Alberg 30 (8 boats) (top)

1244LinGinNurco, Virginia[4]1113.001
2484Second-2-NunBluntschli, Ralph1[4]326.002
3247ArgoWilliams, T.C.[3]3238.003
4288L'EspiritPalmer, Brian[5/DNC]25411.004
5287CalliopeBergquist, John254[6/DNC]11.005
6197Laughing GullAdams, Jonathan5/DNC[6/DNC]6/DNC516.006
7T152Andantepipkin, mark5/DNC[6/DNC]6/DNC6/DNC17.00T7T
7T308AsylumAdelman, Allan5/DNC[6/DNC]6/DNC6/DNC17.00T7T


(1)Scoring System is LowPoint - AYC Wed Penalties
(2)Finishes in [brackets] denote throwouts

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