Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday Night Races: No. 4

Another beautiful spring day here in Annapolis.  The Blue Angels flew for the graduating Mids today and we were on the water to watch the show.  Simply fabulous!

After that it was Wednesday Night Race #4.  5-10 kts out of the south made for a wonderful race.  Garrett was a victim of Commissioning Week traffic and was unable to make the race.  Glen was stuck in NYC for work.  That left Scott, David and me to take LinGin around the course.

We had a nice start; on the the line and in clear air.  We kept our speed up and headed left.  We had seen the previous classes start and there seemed to be more pressure and a lift to the left.

We made out well going left, although we were pinned down for a few minutes by some other boats that forced us to go a bit closer to the layline than we probably would have otherwise.  We found ourselves in a painful header coming back across, but managed to tack on the layline and get around mark A.  

LinGin was fast on the reach out to mark E and we opened up a bit of distance on Argo and L'Espirit.   Rounding E, we put the chute up with a fair amount of difficulty.  The after guy did not want to stay in place and I very luckily caught it was flying forward free of the turning block!

Once we settled down the spinnaker, Scott kept us going fast all the way into the red nun.  We stayed high on the reach to the green can to limit our exposure to big boat traffic and had a nice couple of tack through the harbor to take the gun.

A great time was had by all three of us.  We ate our sandwiches on the way home and marveled at how beautiful an Annapolis sunset can be.

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