Thursday, May 17, 2007

2007 NOOD Summary's been busy as usual and due to our 4th place overall at the NOOD, I've been lax in the write ups.

The first day of the NOOD was a lesson in frustration: no wind for many hours, and then a small breeze. The race committee thought about getting a race started for about the duration of the small zephyr itself. By the time the start happened, the wind had died significantly. We didn't make it to the first mark before the race was called off and the day was done.

The second day of the NOOD started the same as the first: no wind. It came in, but then by the time the A30 start occurred, it died again. We correctly read the tea leaves (all those terrible Canadian Friendship Race starts finally started to sink in), and saw that there was a serious current that would keep us from getting across the line unless we were right on it. We got out in front at that start and kept first the whole way around.

The second race was not as good as the first. I completely misjudged the amount of bad air coming off of the line of A30s starting and we found ourselves that the back of the pack. We tried to read the wind up the windward leg, but I don't think we ever figured it out. The spinnaker work by Brian Palmer and the crew was great and we clawed our way back to third. We were in decent shape: Argo had a 1st and a 2nd to put her in 1st. We were second and Skybird was in 3rd--but he had a poor showing in race one (a 5th)--so we had a slight bit of breathing room.

The third day of racing gave us nice breeze, but both our 1st (Scott) and 2nd (Brian) string foredeckmen were unable to make the race. No problem, Super Glen to the rescue! Unfortunately, that meant no tactician to help support me and I can attest that's not a good situation.

Hats off to Glen; he had his hands full. We had halyard troubles in the first race and the spinnaker got stuck halfway up. We made good time even still and moved from 6th to 3rd by the time we got to the leeward mark, but unable to get the spinnaker down, we had to sail about a mile beyond the mark before we successfully retrieved the sail down. We were forced to drop out of that race.

At that point, we knew we had almost no hope of placing in the regatta. Argo, Skybird and Infinity had solid numbers and unless similar misfortune struck them, we were out of the running.

The crew worked hard in the last race and put in a good effort: we came in 3rd. Overall we received a 4th for the regatta, which kept us out of the silver, but I think keeps us in fine shape for High Point.

Great work, crew. We should all be proud of our efforts!


Division: Alberg 30 (9 boats) (top)

PosSail Boat Skipper 1 2 4 5 Total
1 247 Argo T.C. Williams 2 1 2 2 7.00 1
2 57 Infinity Charles Currier 3 5 1 1 10.00 2
3 550 Skybird Rolph Townshend 5 2 3 4 14.00 3
4 244 LinGin Tim Williams 1 3 10/DNF 3 17.00 4
5 562 Windswept Lanny Helms 6 6 4 5 21.00 5
6 287 Calliope John Bergquist 4 7 6 8 25.00 6
7 197 Laughing Gull Jonathan Adams 7 4 7 7 25.00 7
8 567 Andante Andrew Cole 9 8 5 9 31.00 8
9 484 Second-2-Nun Harry Gamber 8 9 8 6 31.00 9

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