Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dedication to Winning

Well Crew, I have a surprise for you. Perhaps foolishly, I have decided to invest in a new spinnaker. Last season, I truly felt that we lost out to C.B. a number of times due to our spinnaker. I felt we did a great job trimming, and more than once--on very long legs--we could not hold with Infinity. I recall we all discussed the fact that C.B.'s design is one with big "shoulders"; better for "deeper" downwind legs. So, I have decided to take the plunge.

I need some quick help. We need a color design by tomorrow! I'm posting some designs I've done today and the blank. Grab the blank, throw it in paint (or a similar app) and show us what you like. Or just chose one of mine. I think I'd like to stick with blue and orange, but I'm not 100% stuck on it. Also, I'd prefer lighter to darker colors.



Anonymous said...

Go Tigers!

That's my vote.

Glen said...

My offerings

Brian P said...

a few more ideas:

Design 1
design 2

And if all else fails:

design 3