Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sailing Education

As we all know, there’s a lot to learn in sailing!

In that regard, I read books, subscribe to magazines and even attend workshops to learn more about this sport that I love.

I’d like to get anyone that’s interested more involved with these learning opportunities. Here are a couple recommendations that I have:

1. Subscribe to the Speed & Smarts newsletter. I can hook you up for 15% off, $34/yr. It has no ads, is well laid out, and does not assume too much racing knowledge. If you have trouble finding time for books, or getting through whole books in a reasonable time (as I do), this could be a godsend. It covers one topic per issue and is usually 15 pages long.

2. Buy a good sailing book. The North U books are great, as are the books by Dave Perry. I highly recommend both.

3. I’d like to gauge interest in a regular crew meeting, the “LinGin Book Club”. Perhaps a breakfast or a lunch once a week or every other week. We would select a chapter from a book (or perhaps a Speed & Smarts issue) to discuss each meeting.

What are your thoughts?


Glen said...

I'll take a discounted Speed Smarts subscription :)

I also bought the North U and Jobson/Whidden tactics books...though I'm not sure I've absorbed much of it, without the on-the-course time to apply and test.

Tim said...


Let's start the book! I say we read a chapter per week and discuss it over b-fast. During WNR we can discuss it on the way out or back.

What do you think?


Glen said...

Sounds find to me. Do you mean the North U book?

I actually bought them last fall but haven't made a concerted effort to read and absorb. Skimming them is entertaining but probably not very efficient learning :^)